Hurre Koje, Owner/CEO

Hurre Koje, the Founder of Anod Care Services LLC has extensive experience in delivering a wide range of home healthcare services, with prior experience helping clients reach their physical and wellness goals through holistic client-centered physical education and training. With a proven track record in successfully helping clients define and achieve their health and wellness goals successfully. Anod is named after his parent’s water village well called “Caanood” located on Ethiopia/Somali border in the Horn of Africa. The word “Anod” literally translates to abundance of milk which is a symbol of prosperity. In the Horn of Africa milk is a symbol of prosperity. The goal and mission of Anod is ensure the continuation of the legacy Koje’s parents started; providing life essentials and healthcare with compassion.

His parents responded to the unique needs of nomadic communities, caring for the sick, displaced and vulnerable individuals. Following in their footsteps: Koje one the collective members who established an orphanage center near Anod water-well caring for children afflicted by civil war and famine in Horn of Africa. It’s been several decades since his parents pioneered excavating a community water-well for the village; which instantly decreased expense and travel time to acquire clean water.

Koje’s goal to serve Arizona’s developmentally disabled community extends to underrepresented communities. Numerous individuals in the community have been diagnosed with PTSD, attributed to traumatic ordeals suffer in their homeland, which lead to relocation to the United States. Unfortunately, many African families with developmentally disabled individuals have difficulties; navigating through the system, have trust issues, language barriers and problems connecting with their direct care providers. Therefore, Anod Care Services shall serve as a bridge; providing culturally sensitive services within the African communities to help resolve these issues. In addition to the inclusion of all members of developmentally disabled Arizonian communities. In summary Anod Care Services LLC originated to provide quality care services to the developmentally disabled African population residing in Arizona, resulting in the Agency’s commitment to providing cost-effective, high-quality care, focused on our client’s satisfaction. We look forward to servicing you!

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