Hosting Homes

In Anod Care Services Inc. adult Host Home program—also known as Adult Community Living—adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities live in a community house with dedicated caregivers who we call “Coaches”.  We use the term “Coaches” because the people who care for the “Members” are more than just care providers, they are advocates, teachers, friends and family. 

It’s All About Inclusion

Every adult in our Adult Community Living program is actively involved in planning their daily routine and services. Depending on everyone’s unique needs, the program includes: 

  • 24-hour support in Group Homes
  • Independent living skill development
  • Opportunities to participate in community activities and Day Programs
  • Advocacy services
  • Family involvement and support
  • Medication management
  • Quality assurance

With an established track record of success, Anod Care Services Inc. Adult Community Living program has changed the lives of hundreds of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities—giving them new opportunities to learn, grow and achieve their personal life goals. 

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